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How does it feel like showing advances to a guy who isn't admiring you, being unnecessarily nice to guy who bluntly refuses your being nice uh, caring for him even when its obvious he doesn’t need it, going extra miles to show him what you feel for him,

even when it's obvious he feels nothing for you and even telling your friends about him when he speaks of you with such disregarding words like "she is just a friend, we aren’t even close, she's just throwing herself @ me and too bad uh, I don't even like her"And thinking of seducing you thus presents you as a cheap slut, who wants to get your way with him @ all cost.

As he overcomes you, detest you and never want to set eyes on you nor come anywhere around/close to you. If you are in these shoes right now! Its time you realize that you are a lady and ought not to be going after a guy, when a guy's supposed to be coming after you. I mean, where is the dignity as a lady?

,If you are doing all these things not for any other but a guy who doesn’t even like you What sort of respect and value are you going to place for yourself, even if you manage to date him or will you ever blame him for cheating on you, when he never asked you out uh and most devastating uh, he does it in your presence as a way of keeping you off him…..

Never let yourself be a lady who'll cater for a guy to keep him and same guy will be collecting from you to cater for another lady he truly loves and really want to be with.
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