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As I type this msg, my heart is heavy. My marriage is just 13 months old but d pains I’ve experienced from both husband and mother in law can't be quantified. My husband finds it difficult to accept blame when he is wrong and will neva say sorry for wateva he does wrong instead he'll threaten me with divorce. during pregnancy, h locked me outside and didn't let me in until I cried my heart out all bcos i fell sick in d office and I had to stop by @ d hospital which made me get home late. He picks up quarrel with me easily and always loves to keep malice even when I don't wrong him. Asking him for money will also provoke him and he'll seize d opportunity to fight me even when he borrows money from me.

TO worsen d case, he is having extra marital affairs. Few months ago it was discovered he's having hepatitis which is a sexually contacted disease yet I still love him and believing he'll be cured. I’m not praising myself but I must say this: I got married @ age 28 as a virgin, I’m a good wife in all aspect yet my husband doesn’t appreciate me. My daughter is d only consolation I av now.
There's been a time I had to report him to our pastor but thereafter, he made d house a hell for me. My dear mother is d reason I remain in dz marriage cos I love her so much and I wouldn’t want her dead cos she won't be able to bear d pain of her only daughter suffering and being divorced. Just yesterday again I caught my husband CHEATING on me yet, he doesn't feel remorseful. What should I do please? I am fed up.
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