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Please advise him... Mature Minds only... No insults... Religious advice if possible... Dalu~nu

I can't seem to love a deflowered lady. I'm 29yrs old, a graduate and I'm single and searching for my better half. Actually it's not that I don't find ladies but my problem is that they don't have the most important quality I want in my wife. By most important I meant VIRGINITY.

I'm not judging them but that is the only thing that can make me a good husband to my wife. I've been searching but I couldn't even find one... A friend once told me that if I really wanted to get married that I should forget about virginity...

But my problem Is I may not be able to love her the way I would have loved to, I'm at cross roads sir I don't even know what to do anymore.

I want someone who has same values with me, someone who waited till that wedding night, someone as naive as I am about sex, so that we can teach each other and be satisfied with whatever the other can offer...
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