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I was in the class today, studying Facebookeology with my colleagues. So while we the lecture was going on, our professor, a renowned prof of Facebookeology, Mark Zuckerberg who's nationally and internationally recognized.
Threw a question of £20, 000 . And said it is for a scholarship to anyone who answers it correctly to be sent to Harvard University to study Facebookeology.

Immediately, i raised my hand but sorry the question wasn't meant for me. It was meant for a particular boy sitting at the front seat. Whom i suspected does not know the answer. I also knew
quite well that he's not a Facebookeological student. You know who! Nowadays intelligent and smart students like us do sit at the back seat. So the professor , Mark Zuckerberg. Refused us at the back seat from answering the question. Insisting that the young man at the front should answer the question first before anyone else.
Others tried to answer but they were not allowed too. So everyone became silent and waited to hear from the boy.
Here comes the question...
Choose the correct answer
(Q1A)... When you log into your Facebook account, what is the first writeup you see beside your profile picture in the news feed?
(B)Good morning/Good afternoon
(C)Weather forecast
(D)What's on your mind
Let's go...

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