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TEXT: Genesis 28:12 

“I dreamed and behold a ladder set up from the earth and the top of it reached to the heaven, and behold the angels of God ascend and descend on it”.

One of the keys to a new level in God’s blessing is to see a new, higher and bigger vision.
Vision attracts and demands divine provision. There are new things coming your way but you must see a new vision and dream a new dream to be positioned to receive them.

There was a plot to give an inheritance to Jacob since the days of his grandfather Abraham but one thing kept Jacob from it, I knew it not Jacob confessed in Genesis 28:16. Therefore, as long as Jacob didn’t know what God has in store for him, he could not access it. My prayer for you is this, that God’s plan for you, you’ll gain access to it even today in the name of Jesus.

Beloved! Every child of God must learn to disconnect from being full past experiences and aggressively push forward with determination to possess the future as long as God has not given up on you, you don’t give up on yourself and on your future.

After Abraham left Lot, God did not let Abraham sit down and cry over his loses, God told Abraham “lift up now thine eyes for where thou art” Genesis 13:14. So the answer to your rough past is to see a glorious future, so begin now to see a new future, a new vision and dream a new dream.
A dream from God will show you God’s purposes and possibility for your life, ask God in prayer and He will show you His plans and purposes for your life. He’s not hiding it from you, He’s only waiting to hear you ask Him in the place of prayer and guess what, God will definitely show you, you will walk into a glorious destiny as you seek God.

🙏🏽PRAYER FOCUS: Lord you promise to show me visions of the future you have for me. Show me the good things you've planned for my life.
📖STUDY FOCUS: Jeremiah 33:2-9; James 1:5-8.
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