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Many ladies always ask, "How can I know that a guy loves me?"
Many ladies have lost good guys because they cannot identify good guys. Although guys can pretend, but you can identify a fake guy and you can know whether a guy loves you or not in the following ways:

1. A fake guy will demand for sex. A real guy will also demand for sex. But a fake guy will quit the relationship if you refuse to have sex with him, while a real guy will not quit even if you don't give him sex.

2. A fake guy shows love and care. A real guy also shows love and care. But watch out! A fake guy will stop to be caring if you commit any offence, but a real guy never stops being caring no matter your offence.

3. A real guy will not like to leave you no matter the situation.
4. A guy that truly loves you will always apologize even if it is not his fault.

5. Fake guys pamper ladies. Real guys also pamper ladies too. But if a guy pampers you to the extreme, hmm don't trust him. In most cases, fake guys pamper ladies more than the real guys.
6. When a guy uses too many sweet words all the time, be careful. He may be fake. Real guys that truly love u will use few sweet words.

7. A real guy that truly loves you will be very concerned about your problems. He will always show much concern about the causes and solutions to your problems. But a fake guy only shows more concern about his own problems.

8. A real guy will spend money on you. Fake guy will also spend money on you. But a fake guy will not give you much money unless you have sex with him. No sex, no money. Fake love.

9. A fake guy will promise to marry you. A real guy will also promise to marry you. But a real guy will always discuss with you about how to build a successful marriage.

10. A real guy can kneel down and even shed tears to beg you never to lose him. A guy who does not love you will not do that.
Think Twice!!!

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