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MUSIC: DAN PRAISE ‘’NO FALL MY HAND’’ (prod by Rimshot)

There were times in my life when I had to ask myself questions like; is God really aware of me? Does he even know I exist? Does he care about what's happening to me? Based on what my mother taught me, I still had to trust him and his word... 

But why am I going through all these? Friends and colleagues mock me every time I say; am going to church, am late for rehearsals, my pastor wants to see me, am leading praises tomorrow, am leading worship this evening, we have prayer meeting

They say stuff like; is it only you?

 All these with nothing to show?

 Ten years and no promotion, you even owe me, owing that one and that one, trekking from year to year, everything you venture in fails.... Are you sure you are serving God or you just go there to play with those girl in your church, fine boy no money... etc.. In one of those down moments, I heard a voice in my spirit, "my son, I no go fall your hand" then I felt a lifting in my spirit when I remembered what He said 1Pet 5:10 and Rom8:28... I did this song just the way I felt.... My producer chooses to add dance to it.... I know you will love it..... 







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  1. wow this is 1 of the best Gospel Song i've heard this year, my team and i is gonna score the song for Sunday performance

  2. yes oh my brother, GOD NO GO FALL MY HAND THIS YEAR i will surely get married

  3. god bless you DANPRAISE for this wonderful song.. him no go fall my hand

  4. all this gospel musicians ona blood dey hot oh


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