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From my inbox 
she wrote:
I meet this guy on face book after many chat we start being close to each other I mean into a relationship, unfortunately his cousin sister was my class mate when I was in secondary school, we never have problems till when he start asking me to come and pay him a visit to his house because we are distance to each other, the first time I went to his house he want to have access of me but I refuse because am still a virgin.

But he keep saying that I should prove my love for him by allowing him to break my virginity which I later did I love him because I don't want to marry from my state. Things was going on well between us all of a sudden he change he never call me the way he used to call me before, he never care about my problems and if I ask him he will complain that he don't have enough airtime to call me, I don't disturb him financial instead I will ask him to lend me to pay later he will either tell me that he don't have money then. He always wants me to be visiting him every month not minding that I stay with my parents.
 Please advise me am confuse I don't know if this guy is the right one or fake . Please help me out. Hide my identity please.

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