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Debate of the Day from relationship talk with tambari Steve

A man wants to marry from his village. He lives in Abuja, as a result he sent some money to his father in the village to find him a good wife. His father made a good choice and took all the necessary steps concerning the in-laws of his son. Now he decides to send the wife to his son in the city. He gives her the address of his son. But she arrived the city late.

 As she gets outside the motor park, the lady wanted to take a taxi to the indicated address. However, she was offered a lift by her husband unknowingly on his way home late from work. The guy took her straight to a hotel and spent the night with her. The next morning, each of them go their separate ways. She took another taxi which finally took her to her husbands house. To her biggest surprise, it's the man with whom she spent the night with in the hotel. 

The question is:
if you were the man or the woman, how would you react?
Men and women, defend yourselves.
The debate is open.

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  1. Obviously, both parties are matured enough to know they have made a very big mistake. I mean to say made some wrong choice or decision. We say its the thought that counts. Yes, the woman is looking for protection through the night, the man is not patient enough to wait for his spouse to be or so to speak. But my point is they have to accept what happened as stupidity, learn to forgive themselves, accept their faults and work on it individually and collectively.


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