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This is what guys do to girls who don't want real love but they want love with cash
See how this man is changing girls like wear

  • Why can't ladies honor themselves?
  • Why r ladies too cheap that they can be bought with money
  • why is ladies this used; he won't marry them but just pay them
  • Why r ladies using their body which is more precious than gold in exchange for money
  • Why can't ladies build integrity n self honor.
  • Why r ladies too materialistic to d extend of sleeping with any man once he is rich

Many ladies r also carried away because a guy is handsome; just to avoid losing him U see your body to him; many girls has cheaply given themselves to a guy because he is handsome, they just want the guy and they will do anything to have him

Ladies please be wise
Ladies use your wisdom.
Your body is far beyond what money can buy
Please cherish it and Honor it
Respect it and adore it

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