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Love on Social Media from relationship talk with tambari Steve

Don't be madly in love because of pictures on social media; some fair
people are dark in reality. Some tall people are short in reality. Some holy ladies on social media are runs girls in reality, some saying thank God is Friday, and have no job.

. Some pretty and beautiful ladies on social media are manageable in reality.. Some you see their pictures on a flight, can't afford flight ticket, some upload pictures of food prepared by their mum. Some fresh skins on social media are dry skin in reality, some that are engaged on social media, are seriously searching, while some in a relationship are single.

Some with cat eyes on social media, have goat eyes in reality, some who snapped besides mansions are managing with six friends in one room...Some who told you they are going for vigil ends up in their boos house, while some who told you they can't date a guy staying in self contain, sleeps on the floor in a face me I face you house.

. Some wife material on social media, are bed material in reality, while some Oxford or MIT students on social media, are still looking for admission. Some GT bank staff on social media are IT students in GT bank, while some guys who work in Shell or Google on social media, are keke drivers in reality.... Love is a beautiful thing but you must be very careful with what you see on social media, most people want to meet up, while some are dancing to the tune of social media.

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