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RwGNews|| How Ifeanyi Dike the Rituallist Escape

This is a picture of the suspected ritualist, Ifeanyi Dike who killed an 8 year old girl, Victory Chikamso somewhere around Eliozu axis of Port Harcourt for money ritual.

He was arrested by the local vigilante and handed over to the Nigerian Police, sadly, less than 24hrs later; the Police are giving a cock-and-bull story that he escaped from a well protected detention facility in Rivers State Police Command (CID) section.

Now this is the scary aspect, the little girl he killed is reportedly his niece, so if he can butcher his own niece like tomato, then one wonders what he can do others.

Letting a ritualist roam about is the greatest disservice the Police can do to every one of us-anybody can be a victim.
Pls share this pic for public safety purpose...


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