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RwGNews|| If this Evil house called Badoo-- ResolutionWallGroup

If this Evil house called Badoo shrine is located in South East all Nigeria news papers will carry it and some fool's will begin to insult Igbos for Evil Doing, and even reject some Igbos living together in the same yard with them. Today in Nigeria no news papers or any single cabinet is talking about this YORUBA shrine rename as badoo shrine.

Don't forget the case of Evans it was a worldwide News pioneered by Yoruba media.
Today they are secretly hiding this issue of Badoo shrine because some political big wings in the land are involved.
My follow easterners it's obvious that this family called Nigeria that we claimed belong to all of us has turned against us the easterners. yet you allowed them to tell you not to go to your village or to be independent that your people are Evil , my people stop listening to those hypocrites that comes up to tell you trash about the easterners . Don't forget Badoo have killed more than 1000000 people but it's has been swept under the carpets.

Just dey watch how the case will end, can you remember SOKA in Ibadan ritual don't you see how dey later ended the case ,the day Evans will come to court you will see what media will write against Igbo people.
Sorry for easterners who never know his or her stand in this family called Nigeria.
For me I am a BIAFRA since Nigeria cant accept us the way we are. Check below to watch the full video of the police arrest on this man. #written by Jude Ekweziokwu Na Oduma#

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