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RwGGist:"100 Condoms Burst In My Body, No STDs, HIV" - Zimbabwean Sex Worker (Photos)

A SELF-PROCLAIMED hooker has sensationally claimed that over 100 condoms burst during her sexcapades with different men but she is HIV free.

Grace ‘Kelly Tanunurwa’ Magorosi, 22, a hooker since 2013, who recently went wild parading her mermaid spirit regalia said she does not have the deadly virus.

“I have never caught any form of STI and neither am I HIV positive.

“I use some bute snuff which I mix with water and drink while sometimes I put the snuff in my privates and this helps me not to contract any STI.
“I was instructed to do so by a mermaid spirit that is in me,” said Kelly.

She said her mermaid spirit was enhanced by one Sekuru Shumba of Mufakose.
“Sekuru Shumba told me that I had a mermaid spirit and instructed me to use bute snuff and salt and it all started working well for me,” she said.

Kelly said since she joined the oldest profession she has managed to see fortune changes in her life.
“Since 2013 when I began hooking with different men I have managed to earn a fortune.
“There are men who are caring for me and now my target is on getting a car.
“My boyfriend has promised to buy me one but he fell ill recently,” she said.

She said on good days she gets between US$300 and US$500 through sleeping with different men.
“I get around US$300 on a good day and sometimes even US$500.”

She could, however, not substantiate her monetary claims when she said she moved out of her lodgings because of failure to pay rentals choosing to blame the dry spell after she once went mad parading her spiritual cloths.

She said the mermaid spirit on her is called Kelly and hence her new name.
“I have a mermaid spirit, I am a spirit medium, and I have pink, blue, black and white spiritual pieces of cloths.

“I got mad because my spirit had mixed with some juju used by other hookers,” she claimed.
She said she always moves around with spiritual cloths for protection from other spirits.
“My mermaid spirit heals haidi hutsinye kana kudzosera, kupomba kwandirikutoita ikoku haidi, it only uses snuff,” she said.

She added; “It gives me cash.
“My spirit protects me from any illness, I was supposed to have died but my spirit medium prevents it.”
Kelly said she realised that she had mermaid spirit when she was in her infancy.

“I recently told my father to brew beer for my mermaid spirit and he accepted because I am now self-reliant.
“It is said that this mermaid once tried in vain to take me away from my mother as I often loved to play in water.

“It is said that a strong whirlwind once came to take me away at a tender age and it failed, it only took away my mother’s soap, I was saved by my mother in Rusape, Nyagadze Village 25,” she said.

She said she would be going under the water soon after November for spiritual courts on guidance.
“When I return I will be healing anything because these diseases are demons,” she claimed.

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