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From Resolution Wall Group Promotions RwG OGBONGE PROMO RELAODED

We the team RwG has decided to make this Christmas special to all our valid customers.

We want to Project our customers brand to millions of visitors at a very affordable rate that you can’t get elsewhere in any online advertising/promoting agency.

 Entrepreneur|| musicians||business owners||churches||bloggers take advantage of this great offer

Promo last from 1st December to 27th of January 2018

Get two of your songs promoted on all RwG platforms for just N2, 000

Get your event on RwG platforms for just N1, 000

Get your business AD banner place on all RwG platforms for just N3, 000

Get your personal blog for just N5, 000

Get artwork for just N5, 000

Hurry now calls 08182764115 or whatsapp 08165902794 RwGpromotions: we don’t just take it online, we promote it.

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  1. i want to promote five songs, how possible is that?


  2. Greetings from Amazon Seller Support,

    Brand Name: Resolution Wall Group

    Thank you for your interest in Amazon Brand Registry. We are unable to approve your application at this time for the following reason(s):

    Trademark is not in registered status
    0001 is not in the proper US Application format. - A U.S. Serial Number consists of 8 digits, with no alpha characters

    If you did not apply for Amazon Brand Registry, contact us at immediately. For any other questions, reply in the Case Log.

    Please let us know how we did.
    Were you satisfied with the support provided?

  3. UCHEMEZ call the above helpline you will be attended


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