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Nigerian Man Hospitalized In US After Entering Plane For First Time & Was Tied

A Nigerian man named David Ukesone who boarded a flight for the first time in his life, has been hospitalized after being tied with sit belt on a flight from Nigeria to Chicago on the 23rd of January, 2018. .

WgnTV Reports that Ukesone had never been on a plane before, and it was his first time flying, according to his family. His children said there was no issue on his flight from Nigeria to Dubai.


But from Dubai to Chicago, there was a misunderstanding that led to their father being restrained for more than eight-hours -- ultimately sending him to the hospital. .

His family said he unknowingly sat in the wrong seat. His family said when the crew moved him, and wouldn't let him get his carry-on. They restrained him, leaving him zip tied for eight-hours. .

Emirates Airlines said he was being unruly and they were trying to keep others safe. There were no details on what happened. His family doubts this and demands answers. .

Ukesone's family shared images of injuries to their father's head and where his arms and legs were restrained by flight attendants.

He's expected to be released from the hospital on Thursday.

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