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One of Port Harcourt finest Disc jockey Dj Bless at Ray power 106.5 Release two Amazing message for PH Entertainers

1ST MESSAGE3/01/2018

This is for Port Harcourt club djs,Radio djs, Oaps and Mobile djs.Last year we did not Blow any song\Artist in the state,this year 2018 should be a different year for Port Harcourt Music industry. We need super stars in the state,Please,let us promote our own and work with love & Unity towards pushing the industry forward.

2ND MESSAGE 2/01/2018
This is for some Port-Harcourt old Artists.

Last year,I played a lot of events and I noticed that some Port-Harcourt old Artists are Still dwelling in their past glory,for example,the Hit song(s) you made in 2013 was still your most popular song(s) in the ears of your fans in 2017,do you think you are growing?from 2013 to 2017 is an interval of 4 years yet, you can't get a new hit and you still call yourself a super star.A Trending artist should be known with many songs both old and new.The industry is open to anyone who wants to Blow, one of the ways you can get it right in the eyes of your fans and let them know you are growing is when you drop good hit(s)Back to Back and promote them, this is 2018 prove to people that u still in form and look Artistic
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  1. na DJ like you we need in ph, projecting ph to the world God bless your hustle bless

  2. like five different artists must blow from ph this year

  3. nice message bless


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