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RwGGist|| Mercedes-benz Atego 1725 Firefighting Truck Unveiled In Nigeria (photos)

The Commercial Vehicles department of Weststar Associates Limited – (Authorised General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in the Federal Republic of Nigeria) on Friday 2nd of March 2018 debuted its first unit of the new Atego 1725 firefighting truck for the year 2018 to support firefighting operations in Nigeria. This is in line with Weststar’s new strategic philosophy to support firefighting operations in Nigeria.

The Mercedes-Benz Atego Firefighting truck comes with a double cabin laid-out for 6 people - driver plus one person in front and four people behind. It features Autonomous Respirators built into the seat backrests. The Pump compartment in this Atego Firefighting vehicle is mounted between the cabin and the water tank made of aluminum profiles and coated with smooth aluminum with its Pump access door on the right side and with roller blind-type door located on the left of the driver’s side.

The structure and firefighting equipment are in accordance with MBR 14096 – for firefighting vehicles, setting the minimum conditions required for the design, construction and performance of the vehicle. Two tanks are within the inner compartment, one for water and another for LGE, with capacity respectively of 5000 liters of water and 500 liters LGE, fitted with internal longitudinal and transverse deflectors according to standards boost flexibility when driving in rough terrain.

The Atego 1725 firefighting truck is the perfect match for organizations striving to achieve total quality in fire protection solutions as it is equipped with a strong and robust 6.4 liter inline, 6 cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine that produces 245hp ensuring excellent performance, complies with Euro 3 emission standards ensuring a low level emission of pollutants and low fuel consumption. The dashboard of the vehicle supports economical driving by featuring a real time indicator for fuel consumption as well as an econometer, which indicates the most appropriate engine speed in every operating situation.

Extremely hazardous fires require top-level skills and innovative agents. Twin-Agent Fire Suppression Systems provide proven technology to fight large flammable liquid and gas fires. This main capability distinguishes the Atego 1725 firefighting truck from others in its category - combining dry chemical agents for rapid flame knock down and Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) for securing the fire area. Available with Class BC dry chemicals (Purple K or sodium bicarbonate) and your choice of 3% or 6% AFFF concentrate.

In the words of Mr. Mirko Plath, Managing/CEO, Weststar Associates Limited – the Mercedes-Benz’ fire-fighting truck is a genuine all-rounder with extensive equipment and technical payload to match specific needs and situations. It is most suitable and will demonstrate high quality and reliability as a fire truck in Nigeria. It is available for immediate delivery through Weststar with up-to-the-minute aftersales support synonymous worldwide with the Mercedes-Benz brand”.

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