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RwGMusic: Thank You Lord for Yesterday by PaulAmanukpo Thompson ||

The writer of the song, 'Thank You Lord for Yesterday', reflects on the faithfulness,goodness and the love of God towards him.He evaluates his life and sees how, thus far God has brought him; life in ministry, and in his spiritual and physical well being.The song speaks volume of the greatness of God! He is able to do so much more than man could ever ask or think;
He supplies in abundance, He loads daily His benefits to mankind.Paul Amanukpo Thompson directs all thanks, adoration, and praise to the Most
High God! It is a song for all seasons!

Listen & Download “Thank You Lord for Yesterday by PaulAmanukpo Thompson

Paul Thompson is a gospel music minister

 ||voice coach||music instructor|| choir trainer||

Email: @|| O8065998653

Tweet: @pusat2010all ||Fecebook @ Paul A. Thompson

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Chorus: Thank You, Lord for yesterday,
thank You, Lord for today,
thank You,Lord for tomorrow,..again' ...again,and for yet another day!

Verse 1
We're saying unto You, the God of grace; lifting our voices high in gratitude to You,Holy,mighty God: Unto You our praises go--lifting hands exalting you!

Verse 2
Sing Hallelujah(Hallelujah)2x
through the night; through the darkest hour we see the dawning of a new day!

By Your grace we are here singing praise to Your Name with a shout and a dance-- to the great and mighty God! 3x

We are headed forward,moving on, advancing in and reaping harvest; giving thanks, oh!
Forward ever, backward never--onward we go!


Official lyrics of ''Thank You Lord for yesterday''
Paul Amanukpo Thompson.
Nigerian Gospel Music Minister.
April 2018.

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