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RwGNews|| Adulterated Kerosene Leaves 11-Year-Old Boy Badly Burnt In Akwa Ibom. Photos

For 11 year-old Master Emmanuel Ephraim Sunday, from Ikot Iyire, Ikot Abasi LGA, life has been hell. The Primary 4 pupil of UBE Primary School, Itam, Akwa Ibom State, has been in severe pains since Sunday, 6th May, 2018, when he sustained burns as a result of fire incidents caused by a stove explosion resulting from adulterated kerosene.

The poor boy is still agonizing in pains at the St Athanasius' Hospital, Abak Road Housing, Uyo, where he was rushed to shortly after the fire incident.

According to a family source, Emmanuel proceeded to the kitchen to light up the stove in an attempt to boil water to make garri. A source said, it was not the first time Emmanuel was operating the stove.

"His attempts to light up the stove were proving unsuccessful and on closer examination, he discovered there wasn’t kerosene in it. His nursing mother sent him, being the eldest, to buy kerosene at a filling station but since there was no product there he returned to No 4 Ikot Ndem Street, Off Calabar Itu Highway, where he bought the kerosene", the family source said.

The source further explained, "After pouring the kerosene into the stove reservoir, in an attempt to light it, that was when an explosion ensued.

"Before he knew it, fire had engulfed the whole kitchen, leaving him severely burnt. His screams for help attracted his nursing mother and neighbours who came to the rescue, put out the fire and rushed him to the hospital", the source said.

The kerosene seller, the reporter was told has refused to submit the kerosene which some neighbors alleged it is adulterated, for scrutiny

The poor Emmanuel has remained gummed to his sick bed close to two months. He always cries, as the unbearable pain tears through his body. And the ceaseless cries also bring tears to the eyes of the nurses attending to the poor boy.

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