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RwGNews| Lady Died After Her Husband Refused To Allow Doctors Take Out Her Ruptured Womb

There's a trending debate on Twitter regarding women and childbirth and this debate has led to a lot of revelations.

Mothers took to Twitter to narrate all the complications that childbirth entails and how they do not want to have many children as a result. But some men felt it was selfish of them to choose to have only a few kids because they don't want to go through the pains of childbirth, and called them out for it.

One male Twitter user, who goes by the moniker Dr Maxvayshia, wrote;

"All the ladies on here saying just 1 child is enough for them cos of the stress of childbirth, you know if our mothers had this same attitude, many of you wouldn't even exist today to tweet stuff like that right?"

In reply, a lot of women shared stories of women who died because they pushed their bodies beyond what it could do. One story stood out because of how tragic it is.

Narrating the incident, Vashti wrote;
"When I was doing my internship,a lady died on the operating table because her husband couldn't make up his mind about having her ruptured uterus removed cos she's had only female kids.that was his concern.male child.the lady bled out and died."

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