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RwGGist: James Brown finally gets 100k promised to him by Bobrisky

Earlier today, we reported that Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky promised Instagram star, James Brown a.k.a ‘they didn’t caught me’ 100k for inspiring him.
The transvestite had written on his page,
James I’m inspired by you darling cos you came out to tell the world wat u are going through. The day I saw your viral video I was so like who is dis strong guy.
Now let me tell u darling…. Ask me anything I mean your heart desire I’m ready to support u. Let start from 100,000 cash first. Pls find ur way to my house tomorrow pls. I love u die fuck haters let them keep running their mouth.
In a new post shared on his Instagram page not too long ago, Bobrisky fulfilled his promised of giving him the 100k he had earlier promised.

He also promised to pay the dancer 200k monthly to take care of his health challenges.
He wrote,
Yaaaay I couldn’t wait till tomorrow because I have an appointment schedule for tomorrow. So I called James to come today so I can give him the 100,000 I promise him. Secondly I also promise to pay 200,000 every month in his account to take care of his health. I told him by next month I want to see him chubby and looking fresh. Some stupid Nigerians castigating James because he is HIV need to rethink and face their life. I’m never seeking any attention from this because I’m already famous. I was the most Google in 2017 so I need no fame from this. Have make so much money now that all I need is too help people not to find fame. Have a wonderful day

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