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RwGGist| Why Oyedepo's Meeting With Atiku Was Not An Exclusive Endorsement(Photos) -

The first part of these piece is to answer genuine questions from Christians asking why Oyedepo chose to support Atiku against Moghalu, Fela and Jang who are Christians also seeking to run for the presidency.

If you noticed in previous pictures regarding the meeting that took place at Obasanjo's residence, Oyedepo actually avoided joining hands with Kukah, Gumi, Obasanjo and Atiku.

It is normal for Aspiring presidential aspirants to tour religious organizations and this should not automatically be construed as an exclusive endorsement.

While Christian clergy are vocal about the participation of Christians in office, there is also need to be pragmatic and realistic. The most credible candidate that can remove Buhari is an Atiku candidacy.

Oyedepo has also shown in recent weeks his support for christians vying for the Office of the President by meeting with Jang and Moghalu.

To Buharist

When all tricks couldn't work the ignorant Buharist supporters referred to Oyedepo's comment questioning why the North should always rule. But, unfortunately the Buharist are so ignorant that they fail to understand that by Nigeria's geographical classification Oyedepo is a Northerner not a Southerner.

So what is wrong if a Northerener like Oyedepo or Enenche questions why their own region is always seeking for political dominance?

Also, noted is that the outfit Oyedepo was wearing is an attire he has been wearing for years now and is not because he wants to look appealing to Fulani Northerners.

Oyedepo Meeting With Moghalu
Oyedepo Meeting With Jang
(All these meetings occurred in the past two months)

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