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RwGNews| We don’t have rubber bullets, military tells Shi’ites -

The spokesman of Defence Headquarters, DHQ, Brigadier General John Agim, has revealed that no one takes on the military without suffering casualties.

Agim said this while speaking in an interview with Osasu Igbinedion on The Osasu Show. Members of the movement, better known as Shi’ites, clashed with soldiers in some parts of Abuja last week, leading to the death of many.

“The clash that you see, in fact three times now, is that the Shi’ites obstruct the military from doing their job. They are a law unto themselves. They do anything,” he said.

Asked why the Shi’ites are asked to obey the law while the FG has refused to obey the court order to release El-Zakzaky, Agim said: “So they are attacking the military to show their dissatisfaction with the government, then they should be ready for the consequence.
We don’t have rubber bullets when we are sent on assignments. So, if any organisation that is not happy with the government wants to take on the military, then they should be ready for the consequence.

Whatever the problem of the Shi’ites with the FG, let them take it constitutionally. You take on any military anywhere in the world and you will be taken down.”
He said if the Shi’ites were left to protest freely, people ask where the military is, but if the military intervenes, “you people are still blaming the military; why don’t you let these people be? .

“The solution is that Shi’ites must be a religious organisation. Obey the laws of the land. Nobody can take on the military and they will not have casualties.”

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