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RwGGist: 'If You Can't Impregnate Your Wife, It's Buhari': See 2 Men Fight Over PMB -

See as these two grown men wanted to fight each other on the road because of Buhari.
A man was being interviewed about the recent Onnoghen sack saga on the road by Roots.

The man said:

"The removal of CJN, whether he is there or not there, Nigeria will still remain Nigeria.
What Buhari has done for this country, no human being will ever do it. Buhari is a true light of this country.

How I wish we can get another 5 Buharis. One in the North, one in the South, one in the West, everywhere let's have more Buharis.

Somebody will be on the newspaper and be abusing someone's parents.
Where were you when Buhari was fighting to unite this country? Idiot.

At this juncture, the other man intervened. What happened next is quite between the two is quite hilarious..."

Later the man continued ...
"If you cannot Impregnate your wife it's Buhari, if you go to toilet to and you can't poo, it's Buhari, if you can't....."

Watch the very funny video and hot exchange HERE and see reactions.....

See more photos...
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