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RwGGist: Poor Turnout For APC South East Rallies, An Indication Of Rejection -

The South East has about 7 million registered voters. In 2015, the region although witnessed a low turnout, gave PDP about a net vote of 2.5million votes. The strength of the region is in its bloc votes. In fact, the net vote of the APC in the whole of South West, was covered by the bloc vote of Anambra State for PDP. 

Hence, Buhari’s electoral victory is traceable to the bloc votes from North East and North West. The problem for APC starts when a strong and loveable candidate like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar becomes the candidate of the PDP. If Northern votes are divided, then the horizon is cloudy for the APC. However, that is not the issue in this article. 

The issue here is that there has been a persistent low turnout for South East rallies of the APC, from Enugu, to Anambra, to Imo and then to Abia State. This has become a source of worry for the ruling party as they try to show dominance in the region. 

In a situation where a prominent, competent and capable Fulani Muslim is up, challenging Buhari in the North, with the likes of Kwankwaso, Tambuwal and Lamido for the PDP, then chances are that the 2019 election is set to be tough for the APC. With Enugu, Anambra, Imo, and Abia recording empty venues for the APC, one can only guess how the APC will win the 2019 election. The question then becomes; what is the plan for an APC victory come February 2019?
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