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RwGNews: Photos: Young man shot by suspected cultists in Benue -

A young man identified as Achin Vitalis is currently fighting for life after he was shot by gunmen suspected to be cultists inside a vehicle in Makurdi, Benue State capital.
According to a friend of the victim, Sylvester, who shared the story on Facebook, the driver of the bus was the main target. Read his post below: 
These days, we no longer board and alight commercial vehicles freely.
We no longer use commercial motorcycles (Okada) freely.
We no longer move around nor go to the market freely.
This is in the name of cult boys looking for the blood of their opposition confraternity members to suck and sometimes steal from innocent people. Some of these operations take place in broad daylight without alteration.
My bother, friend and former neighbour ACHIN VITALIS was shut in a bus by some group of boys.
He was not the target but the driver was.
This guy is an innocent fellow who can't even harm an ant but he took bullets for a guy whom he know nothing about.
I wonder why a brother/sister would gladly sell his/her soul to the devil.
I also wonder if this cult thing have life insurance.
My brother and sister please resist the temptation of being butchered on the street like a chicken.
Those who kill by sword will be killed by the sword.

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