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RwGNews: My Husband Still Rides Okada - Success' Mum Speaks On Life After The Viral Video -

My husband still rides okada, says Vera Adegor - Delta viral video schoolgirl’s mum tells Punch

On what has changed since Success video went viral, Success' mother said things have changed, that they are now popular.

In terms of financial assistance, how much would you say your family has received since the video went viral?

"We don't have as much money as people think we have.
It's not up to the amount portrayed in the media."

How many scholarships has Success received since her video went viral?
"Government promised to sponsor her, then Mr Jollof paid for 3rd term. That's all."

Is it true that officials from US and UK reached out to you to make Success an education ambassador?
"We have not seen anything like that"

The lady who recorded Success video complained that she has not received anything from your family since the video went viral. Is this true?

She told the Punch newspaper about the lady that recorded Success.

She also corrected the impression on social media that their house is not full of money, she spoke on more and more and on the reality on ground, about those that made promises but never fulfilled....

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