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Reports say a yet to be identified surveillance team has come to the rescue of some passengers whose valuables were almost looted by some armed men along Kula River in Akuku Toru local government area. 

We gathered the passengers numbering about 20 persons were on their way to Nembe before their boat broke down around Onongi creek in Kula water water way.

One of the male passengers who pleaded anonymity, while narrating the incident, said while making efforts to fix their boat after it broke down at about 4:30pm Thursday, a group of heavily armed persons suspected to be on surveillance along the sea route in the area accosted them and sort to know what the challenge was; but that surprisingly instead of offering assistance or coming to their rescue, they began to dispossess them of their valuables. 

He noted that it took the timely intervention of another surveillance team whose identity is yet to be identified along with its commander who came to their rescue, and asked that every valuable taken from them by the other team be returned to them.

Another female passenger miss Ebiaride Jacobs who hails from Yenagoa said after their properties were returned to them, the commander spoke in Kalabari language expressing anger at the misconduct of the surveillance team that had looted their belongings.

Ebiaride Jacobs said he cautioned that they ought to concentrate on their mission of protecting their oil facilities and their territorial waters from criminals who are planning to invade the facilities, instead of resorting to such act which he noted was capable of denting the good image of those genuine volunteers who carry out surveillance along the waterways. 

She further noted that she thanked the surveillance team and its commander using the Kalabari tongue, which she said impressed the leader of the team, who then asked one of his team members experienced on engine repairs to assist the driver of the passenger boat in fixing their engine and escorted them to safety before going back.

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