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RwGGist: Facebook Added Dark Mode Feature: This Is Awesome -

Facebook added dark mode feature:

We are not surprised of the new dark mode feature been rolled out for most users, just as dark mode has been trending most especially this year and seems lots of apps developers are getting to get dark mode feature available for users.

Lately Facebook have done so much upgrade when it comes to privacy - related, forgetting to tweak display UI (lol). Good thing for the sudden change! We gathered some useful information about the dark mode on facebook, and pretty cool facebook's new look resembles Twitter more than anything else. Facebook dsrk mode has simple, flat colors as well as a very Twitter-like top banner and home feed. Not to forget mentioning plenty of rounded corners as well. The change is indeed applauded and makes facebook more fun and longer to stay on.

Users are expected to find lots more empty areas than before, due to the increased spacing between various elements.

The new Facebook dark mode look doesn't seem to have brought changes to its functionality to the site, but there is a new Dark Mode for users to toggle and save battery energy. Enabling dark mode seems so simple as clicking the options button at the top right corner of the website, and toggling the desire feature on.

On enabling dark mode, Facebook's interface will go from white to various shades of black, making Facebook more sight friendly at night. Definitely this is going to safe lots of late night social media binges a bit easier on the eyes, at least on desktop platforms.

Dark Mode(UI)

Few changes made:
Navigation has been "streamlined," according to Facebook.

News Feed has a new "save your spot" feature (This let's you pick up where you left off, if you click elsewhere on the site and return later).

Thats all we gathered for the now, and we hope to update more as we get to know more.

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