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RwGGist: I Cried After Reading The Testimonies of My Student - Tambari Steve |

Tambari Steve CEO at RwGMedia Decided to give back during this pandemic by launching a free WhatsApp Blogging Class,narrated how he went into tears after reading some touching testimonies of his students.


 My name is chijioke Amarachi Happiness. I hail from Ezinihitte mbaise in Imo state. Am a student of Federal polytechnic nekede owerri but currently on my I year industrial training in the department of science laboratory technology.

Before I became the blogger I am today I had so many draw backs. It all started on 7th April when I was viewing WhatsApp status as usual and I came across one of my friends that posted "if you are interested in online blogging Dm" and to be sincere I had no knowledge about blogging but I have been hearing about some successful blogger's like Linda ikeji. This my friend gave me sir Tambari Steve number who is actually the one organizing the online class.

I messaged sir Tambari Steve on WhatsApp and he told me the requirement for me to be among his students and I told him I will get back to him.

One of the Draw backs I had was my boyfriend he discouraged me telling me that nothing good will come out of blogging that I should go and ask some blogger's why they abandoned their blog and I replied telling him that those blogger's abandoned their blog because they have no passion for it. So he directed me to one of his friends called Kingsley. When I messaged Kingsley I told him about the idea, he said it was good but I shouldn't join the online class that it is scam that I should go and get a certain amount of money that he will teach me for free but the money would be use to buy *Domain* and all the rest.

I couldn't wait I was just too excited to learn blogging cause I saw it as something that will help me in life. The next thing I did was to post " I need money to get my own blog 😔" on my WhatsApp status. it was not up to 10minutes I made that post and my elder messaged me and I told him everything and he sent me a certain amount of money and be said to me "whatever it is that you want to do tell me, if I have the money I will support you" that minute I got inspired the more, I was really motivated by what he said and I made a promise to myself that nothing will stop me from been a blogger. Tho I was still been discouraged by my boyfriend that it got to a point where so many things started running through my mind. things like; if I resume school how am I going to cope or if I eventually start working, how am I going to handle it? But that didn't stop me.

I was still waiting for some little money to complete the money Kingsley asked me to bring when sir Tambari Steve added me to the group, his first class was superb and I learnt a lot of things and that made me fall in love with blogging the more.
He started by teaching us the ABC of blogging which includes the difference between online hosting and personal hosting, what Domain name means. He also taught us how to use a blog, how to post and publish on our blog and how to monitorize our blog.

With everything sir Tambari Steve taught us I was able to create my own blog , I can post and publish any type of content on my blog and how to earn with my blog through Advert, publishing, Google AdSense etc .
When I published my first content and shared it to my WhatsApp status for the first time the likes I got motivated me to move on with blogging, tho I was still been discouraged. It happened that Kingsley saw that I have started blogging without coming to him he got upset and he said to me " you have fucked up why did you go and be learning blogging while I wanted to teach you a different thing" he started criticizing my blog but I didn't mind I only told him to exercise some patience that what my blog will turn to will surprise him.

It happened that sir Tambari Steve gave us an assignment that we should go and paste an image in our blog with our Co blogger URL so that when a visitor comes and click on that image it will direct the person to our Co blogger site. I tried my possibly best to do the assignment but I wasn't getting it right because I had no laptop, I kept trying that I began to cry and my friend started laughing at me that I haven't seen anything yet, but that didn't stop me I continue publishing on my platform.

I was among the 5 students that graduated from the basic class out of 15 student or more and I can proudly say am a pro blogger  and I can teach a basic class on blogging, from what I have learnt so far from sir Tambari Steve he is a good leader  and all thanks to him I have grown a strong passion for blogging every piece of advice/ words from him kept me going.

     My advice to everyone out there both young and old. " Go for that which you desire, do not be discouraged by anyone no matter the circumstances". Thank you

Oh how time flies... Some weeks ago I was just scrolling through my twitter feeds when I came across a free blogging class advert, at first, i wasn't so sure if it was what i wanted to spend my time doing because i didn't even have any money on me to learn anything at the moment i had spent all my money before the lockdown started... On a second thought there was a "free" clause so i decided to try it.. Looking back now i don't regret taking that decision cause i have learnt a lot within a little period of time..
The journey down the lane has been an interesting and mind blowing experience...I now have a side hustle and i can proudly declare my self a blogger all thanks to Mr.Tambari and a big shout out to everyone who also participated in the two weeks class.


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2. How to monetize your blog
3. How to create your own blog
4. How to get over 10 Thousand weekly visitors on your blog
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