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RwGGist: Masturbation: I Learnt To Stop The Hard Way |

Hello fams
Happy Sunday
I've been a member of this great forum since 2016 or thereabout though I deactivated my first account here.
I'm not a newbie here. I'm saying it cos some people may think I came to chase clout. I'm here to share my story and experience for others to learn

Back to why I created this topic.
Okay, I've been a chronic masturbator and porn lover. I started after my secondary school and being a Virgin then, it was the easiest way to get pleasure. Lemme say this MASTURBATION AND PORNOGRAPHY are destroyers. They will ruin u and turn you to mere shafts... I masturbated for 6solid years This is what masturbation will do to u

1. It'll make it difficult for you to ever fall in love with a woman. Your relationship and sexual life will become nothing to write home about
2. You'll become withdrawn from others. It'll destroy ur social life totally
3. It'll take you far away from God. Very very far
4. You'll start having memory loss.
5. It brings bad luck. Believe this, it's very true. Things won't be going the way u planned, though not true for everyone but majority of masturbators experience this.
6. You see your d*ck. It'll no longer remain the way God gave u. Trust me, you'll start having erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation if u don't stop on time
There are more but I'll stop here.

With time I noticed that I was becoming withdrawn, depressed and always weak, I was having memory loss, I couldn't keep an information for long, I was shy and didn't really fancy women and relationships. I was a shadow of myself. I didn't have friends, I liked being alone.

Honest truth is I tried stopping severally because the negative signs were obvious but I just couldn't stop. The farthest I could go was 1week, I'd start again. It was very frustrating. .. I tried praying, it wasn't working.

Soon, it weren't those anymore, it worsened. I started observing that my dick was becoming dysfunctional. It could no longer attain maximum erection and normally I've a very long d*ck cos I'm very tall but with time I observed that it was drawing back. I was having a very weak and poor erection. It worsened then again, I wasn't having morning erections anymore. I'd wake up with a flaccid d*ck and I'd have to stimulate it before it'd weakly come up and then fall again in seconds. It was disheartening to say the least. I was becoming weak. I was defeated.

On a fateful (should I even use fateful cos it worked for my favour) morning, after getting up I was with my phone and I saw something very erotic online, the urge came again, I tried to stop it but I couldn't. I masturbated. That masturbation that day nearly ended me. Immediately I was done, it was as if I lost my mind, my head was heavy, it was like men were using hammer on it. I slept for hours and got up but instead of stopping, it worsened. I was dying, my back was aching so painfully, my legs were hurting so badly, I couldn't walk well. My stomach was paining me inside. God!, the experience was tragic. This continued for two good weeks. I couldn't eat well, I was literally dying. I prayed to God to forgive me and give me my health that I wouldn't go back to it. Eventually with time I regained myself. Glory to God, my morning erections are back and my d*ck is becoming normal. I can now have my strong erection though still not completely long but with time.

My experience was horrible and I don't wish it for anyone, even an enemy. I'm happy today that I'm free, its been a long while now and I've not watched porn or masturbated. Thinking about my experience makes me detest it so much now. I've sworn I'll never go back and I believe God will help me.

I learnt the hard way. Please don't learn the hard way, you may not live to tell the tales. MASTURBATION IS A KILLER. RUN FROM IT

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