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AD: About EDUCATION HOUSE ₦100-a-day Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary, and Junior Secondary School |


I was astonished by the two ladies' conversation at the office reception this morning. 
"It doesn't cost you so much to provide your child quality education," One told the other lady who is her friend, whose daughter dropped out of school a long time ago. 

"My situation was worse than yours until I was recommended to the ₦100-a-day-school. I found it difficult to believe due to the juicy offers of the free textbook, exercise books, school bag, shoe, and writing materials for all kids"
I  wondered why the lady took her time to clarify things to her friend when she knew I had been asked to attend to her. 

I understood there was something to it. 
I came out to the reception and met with the lady and her daughter. It appeared as though she had  suffered 

In brief, the young girl has been out of school since 2016.
She dropped out in Primary 3. There was no money to move on to Primary 4.
And right before me was the Nigerian drop out/out of school statistics.
She lives with her mum who is a widow and they only live off whatever comes each day.

There she stood  in front of me, appealing she wants to be admitted to the Education House N100-a-day Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary, and Junior Secondary School and also made us understand that this was her last option. 

Many thoughts surged in my head.
How we fail children, as parents, and as a nation.
I was moved with compassion by her determination to go to school.

Our numbers for this year's admission had been stretched already. Yet, the least we could do was allow her to join the final batch of the placement test that was taking place on the same Friday.

She wrote the test. And guess what?
She happened to be one of the best. 

It has been a long season for us. We have done not less than 150 house visits to ascertain that the families we are taking in are families in need.

We have had a visiting staff donate ₦1,000 to a family just so that they could eat that day.
When you read that Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, don't think of it as newspaper headlines.
Think of it as the state of a family, children, nutrition, lack of education, and deprivation.

At the EDUCATION HOUSE ₦100-a-day Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary, and Junior Secondary School, we are serving children like this.

We are equipping them with the knowledge and skills they need to break the cycle of poverty in their various families.

Wondering what the EDUCATION HOUSE ₦100-a-day Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary, and Junior Secondary School is all about?

The EDUCATION HOUSE ₦100-a-day School is an American/Nigerian curriculum private-public Pre-nursery, Nursery, Primary and Junior Secondary school designed for children from low-income families, orphans and street/vulnerable children whose Education has been truncated. 

For ₦100-a-day, our school children get free text/exercise books, school shoes, bags, educational materials, and the girls get free sanitary pads monthly.

The actual fee is ₦120,000 per term but parents from low-income earnings get to pay as low as ₦100-a-day or N6,000 per term.

To cover the outstanding cost per child, we call on generous partners such as you to co-sponsor a child or more by donating ₦100 a day per child (₦6,000 per month) or any amount that is convenient for you. No amount is extremely small, as donations of any amount make you a co-sponsor of a child.

Donations can be done one-off or periodic as you wish.

Donations can be made to any branch of  FIRST 
BANK OF NIGERIA PLC or transferred online to EDUCATION HOUSE, with account number 2015789185. 

To speak with someone, SMS/WhatsApp 09050478891 or 08100069531.

EDUCATION HOUSE ₦100-a-day school located at 9 Miller Close By Cecilia Street, Iwofe Road, Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, 500272, Nigeria is helping kids from low-income homes get quality education and break the cycle of poverty in the future. We would appreciate it if you help today!

The EDUCATION HOUSE SCHOOL (Tuition-free school) is an initiative of EDUCATION HOUSE  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). 

To learn more visit  
Call/WHATSAPP 09050478891 

This is a course to support folks. I know him, he has been doing this for over 10years in the Education House. Take a Child Back to a School project in partnership with Air France KLM, Eco Bank Plc, ROTARY among other donors, and the great work they do for the vulnerable in our society.

Help forward at least N1,000 (1k) to this account today friends. 
God bless you as you do so.

Chinwe Phil-Ashiri

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