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RwGGist: Legitimate Jobs Nigerians Do In Turkey -


On Leaving Nigeria for Turkey this year

Getting a job abroad is one jackpot many Nigerians would love to win.  Arguably, three out of  every five Nigerians would love to travel out of the country for one reason or the other.  For our younger generation, there has to be a way out for a stable greener pasture as the economy continues to choke enterprising citizens and graduates with unemployment, insecurity, lack of power and other basic provisions.

Recently, Turkey has also become a kind of solace, safe haven and host for thousands of Nigerians. thousands of Nigerians live and have now settled in Turkey after feeling stagnated, unfulfilled or frustrated. Example is Ikechukwu William Ndubuisi, A popular procurement agent in Turkey (with Business name, Turkey Errand Boy), A one time Student Union President, represented South-East Nigeria at the National Mathematics competition for colleges and Polytechnics in 2013, Found his foot on the 3rd year of arrival in Turkey due to language barrier, and other personal factors, also suggested, he may be left with praise singing for politicians for daily bread had he not travelled despite graduating with distinction. A likely and similar tale of graduates in the country.

For many Nigerians in Turkey, The progress of their  Turkey based friends or relative gave them the urge to choose the country, while for some others, it would be a transit to Europe, As was the case early in 2020 when Turkey had rift with the European Union and decided to open it's boarders to allow camped refugees out of it's responsibilities, You can always bank on smart Nigerians on news like this.

For those who stay, what's next? There are basically within my knowledge more than the 4 legitimate Jobs listed average Nigerians could do in the country.

Menial Jobs - Known as ├žabuk ├žabuk in Turkey, pronounced as shabushabu.

Shabushabu simply means quick quick, this is the Turkish principals way of making you focus and hasten up while at work. these jobs ranges from doing menial jobs in production industries like cutting fabrics, sealing nylon, serving mason, etc. For the truth, it is not a well paying Job. And over 50% of Nigerians in Turkey has to go through this.


The question here is how do you teach when you don't speak Turkish but that is not the case. You can actually be employed to teach English in schools without knowing how to speak Turkish. The idea is to make sure that all your communication with students are done in English as the country works to enlighten her younger generation more to understand events outside the country.  On the average, the pay is sustainable with around $400 and above as salary, some will always think it's ok to start with..

Procurement Agents

This is arguably the biggest legitimate offer for Nigerians in Turkey, Basking and benefiting from the non-regulation of this market which contributes handsome lot to the Turkish economy, the only challenge as a Nigerian is your character, reputation and trust level back home.

The question is, who will trust you enough to send you their money to buy for them, do you think you can deliver? can you walk under severe cold to  source and buy for clients?. If your responses are good to go, You're qualified. Like for Turkey Errand Boy, The reliability and trust he enjoys stems from his attitude and composure back home, the people who know him personally will tell you more of him being a contented and carefree person who never bows to peer pressure, then once featured on Ubi Franklin's COVID-19 lockdown live sessions on Instagram titled 'Pitch with Ubi' Turkey Errand boy was also able to get his acts together asking Ubi, he would prefer his business exposure above the 2000$ price money up for grabs. Talking to Ubi, Everyone learnt that Turkey Errand Boy is a personal shopper(procurement agent) in Turkey who could help buy and ship clothes in wholesale, furniture sets, etc

Mind you, it's not as easy as a whisk of the finger. the competition is stiff but the remuneration is  quite better than the two listed above as this is also dependent on your client capacities. Procurement agents can grow into full time shipping companies, For instance, Star Cargo was just a Chukwuma Muogbuo,  buying things for people and has been in the business for approximately 8 years.

The Work of God

Many will not expect this to come in, But churches do well in Turkey as there are only a few. Turkey is a liberal Islam nation who do not interfere in people's right to worship but the challenge many young churches face is the lackluster attitude of Nigerians towards church activities. After all, nobody compels the other to go to church neither is the fear factor that drain many Nigerians in Nigeria  obtainable abroad.

Nevertheless, already established churches help vulnerable members get on their foot, most time help them get jobs, pay them stipends and help house some of them.

Note that this is not a comprehensive  list of legitimate activities Nigerians do in Turkey as some buoyant Nigerians own companies and employ compatriots too. Companies like Splendid Furniture, A leading furniture store in Nigeria employs Nigerians in Istanbul, So while businesses like Turkey Errand Boy employs staff in Nigeria, Splendid Cargo with a larger capacity employs both in Turkey and in various parts of Nigeria, including Enugu, Asaba and Lagos. Splendid furniture is credited with furnishing many luxury homes including the house of Obi Cubana and associates, receiving numerous awards both in Turkey and across Nigeria

There are hundreds of money exchange agents, those who take your naira and give you dollar or Turkish lira, A lucrative job in Turkey too. Many sales attendants in stores although filled more with neighboring countries' citizens, Nigerians still make money doing this jobs. If the count should continue, then we would add food vendors, small business owners selling African contents, mannequins and models etc.

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