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RwGGist: Pastor Rukendo Peters Buys Wheelchair For Crippled Man Who Came For Dedication -


He who is hale and hearty does not really know what God has done for him and that is why I keep saying that the best miracle in life is the miracle of sleeping and waking up.

There are several people who complain about what they are yet to achieve without considering the things God has done for them. Yesterday a video of a crippled man went viral after he went with his wife to dedicate their new born baby to God Almighty.

I was touched when I saw the man crawling from the back to where the pastor was standing. He was crawling while his wife was walking with her feet; it gave me teary eyes when I saw him in that condition which no one would ever pray to be in.

Despite this, he was happy and thankful to God for life. The crippled man was seen dancing and given praises to God in the best way he could and this melted the hearts of the congregation who came out from their seat and started spraying him.

In a recent post by Warri Aproko Special on Facebook, the Pastor, Rukendo Peters has bought a brand new wheelchair for the crippled man so as to save him the stress of crawling so long as he finds someone who would be carrying him about in the wheelchair. The crippled man and some people believed to be his family members went to the man’s church where he was presented the wheelchair.

This man of God has helped this man by providing a Wheelchair for him. When I see men of God like this, I always celebrate them for their show of kindness which God will definitely reward him for.

Some Nigerians have thanked him for showing love to him. God bless you pastor, may your ministry grow in Jesus Name


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