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RwGGist: Sex During NYSC: How I Caught My Girlfriend |


For so many including me, NYSC has done more harm than good to us because it destroyed our beautiful relationships.

Mine was like a decade ago, she went for NYSC in Port Harcourt while I was residing in Onitsha. Throughout her service year, I wasn't able to visit her and as a honest partner, I always notice when things are going south.

A remarkable one was on a Valentine's day, she said they're doing get together in their compound that was why she couldn't pick my call. I called over 10 times she didn't pick till next day. Which kind get together? If you can answer my call in the presence of your parents and village people, who are your neighbor's that you can't answer my call in their presence.

Anyways, to cut short the long story, she came back after NYSC and immediately I saw her, I told her "I've lost you." I gave her food, while she was eating she was pressing her phone, I asked her to stop pressing phone and eat but she continued, I then took the phone from her and start going through.

It happens she was with a guy she met in a bus from Lagos to Onitsha (who would later become her husband) on that Valentine's day. She slept with one of the NYSC officials, had some smooching with her classmate. Omo, thank God for the kind of heart I get.

I pulled out of the trap same day, learned my lessons and moved on with my life.

That's it. Are you a victim of NYSC relationship brouhaha? Tell us your own story. grin grin

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