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RwGGist: Have You Ever Lost A Job Offer Because You Negotiated Your Salary Too High ?


Okoye Vincent

Recently i got an interview in one of the leading IT Company. It is CMMI level company so i thought to try. I gave written test and technical round of interview, then again technical round with manager and he put me on hold.

After i asked the reason to HR, she told me manager put you on hold. Again after 3 months i got a call that now you have to give final round of interview.

I went there for another technical round and got selected. This time my appraisal is due in current company which is on next month so i can’t accept first offer which is 15% raise.

I have 50k salary so it’s obvious I will get 15% in current company so i asked for 30% raise and she offered me 54k on hand. My current on hand is around 45k so i told her that i won’t join at these much less and if she wants to renegotiate, i am open for that. She after offered me 55k. I was like shocked that is this called negotiation. She is asking me for 1k more. Am i at grocery store or what? I said no.
She said she is chasing me from few days to convince me but now she won’t. So i said, if your offer is convincing, no need to chase anyone. What does it make sense to give someone 1k more? She said, if you want to join at the offer, call me or reply me.
I never replied and called.

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