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RwGNews: “Women collect money from their male friends but don’t want their boyfriend to collect food from his female friends” – Nigerian man says |


A Nigerian man has gotten people talking on microblogging platform, Twitter, after he shared his hot take about women.

According to @samuelanjorin__ on Twitter, ladies willingly collect money from their male friends despite having a boyfriend, yet they don’t want their men to collect cooked food from their female friends.

He tweeted,

“Women don’t want their men getting food cooked from other female friends or gifts but they receive money from their male friends. Tssk.”

His post has garnered massive reactions from people, especially women, as they try to justify why they act they way.

One Twitter user @@shallybabyyy said,

“My male friend giving me money doesn’t mean anything- there’s no intention other than being generous
Your female friend cooking for you means there’s silly intention.”

Another woman with handle @ChanIncognito wrote,

“If I’m cooking why are you getting food else where but if he’s not giving me money & my friend is then what’s the issue?”

@bella_brains wrote,

“Let her send him money.
Money & food are very different. Money is something you can receive from even a random stranger. Cooked food, not so much.

If a lady is sending my man food, I have no problem with it, as long as she ordered it. If she cooked it, I’m throwing it away.🙂

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