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RwGNews: “If Nigerian men are so bad, why do you guys not leave them alone?” – American woman claps back at Nigerian women (video) |


She also mentioned that she can't take the advice of Nigerian women.

An American woman has taken a dig at Nigerian women who advised her against dating Nigerian men because they are not ‘good’ people.

The woman initially shared a video where she stated her preference for dating Nigerian men because they literally worship and ‘bow down to her feet’.

She added that American men do the bare minimum for them, but Nigerian men respect their partners and marriage, and would never watch them suffer.

American woman claps

Apparently, the video attracted criticisms from Nigerian women who warned her against getting involved with Nigerian men because they are not as good as they seem.

In response to the negative comments she received, particularly from Nigerian women, she posted a follow-up video defending her choice.

She questioned the criticism, stating that if Nigerian men were truly as bad as portrayed, then why are Nigerian women still dating and marrying them.

She also mentioned that she can’t take the advice of Nigerian women, citing their tendency to stay in marriages even after discovering their husbands’ infidelity.

Her words,

“The reason I will never take advice from African women, moreso Nigerian women, is because if Nigerian men are so bad, why do you guys not leave them alone? Why are you guys still putting up with their shit? Why are you guys stuck with them years after years after you found out they cheated on you? It is not making sense. You guys come and comment to us American women that date Nigerians but guys will literally find out your husbands has three girlfriends and two boyfriends on the side and still stick with them. So I am very confused as to why you guys come to American women’s comment and say things like ‘Oh you be hurting soon’”

Watch the video below,

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