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The Ogonis Are Backward When it Comes To Entertainment - Tambari Steve | #RwGBlog

In my opinion,The OGONIs are way too backward when it comes to entertainment

The only global hit song we got was from Austin De Bull "Shey You Whine Me Ni" Crooner. God Use their Normal way of mocking us to give him that mega recognition.

We can make Ogoni the next entertainment Hub by support every event hosted by either government or individual in Ogoniland 

Buy ticket for any Ogoni Event
Share any Ogoni content
Make sure you attend an Ogoni Event

This will give Ogoni maximum exposure

Business around will boom

People will be eager to know about the Ogonis

Visitors will troop into Ogoni

We don't have Much time, the  world need to hear our story. 

We've been underrated for too long.

In bid to make OGONI the next entertainment Hub, I and my team will be bringing our popular event to Bori this December tag: Faji Nite Carnival with over 50 cultural Group and 10,000 participant from across the world.


This Sunday let's all travel down to bori and support this very young man that has been consistent in promoting Bori.

Mr Teenager 
Mybori MyCity

He has been doing this for over 5years todays.

We can start with him to project ogoni to the World.

I and my team will be there live this Sunday

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