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BREAKING NEWS: Dr Suanu The Convener aaken Endorsed The Simplified Movement | #RwGBlog


Gov. Sim Fubara has earned my admiration and that of many other Rivers people. His people oriented style of leadership is something Rivers people have been longing for, hoped and prayed for. He is no doubt, an answer to many prayers.

His love and respect for the people and institutions, demonstrated in his impassioned speeches and pragmatic actions are not only proof  of  his character and ingenuity but also reflect the true Rivers values of nobility and Progress.

It is on this premise,  that I declare my total support and membership of the SIMPLIFIED MOVEMENT, a movement built on hope,  for peace , for equity and development of our dear Rivers State. 

It is my very first time going public on a political move/affiliation like this and I must say that  I am happy to do this with a clear conscience and in the hope that I share with the Governor, respected leaders and Rivers People at large.

Dr. Suanu Jimmy-Ngbo
Convener, aaken.

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