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OYF President Storm Some Ogoni Communities In Grand Style Alongside with Key Executives | #RwGBlog

On Saturday, April 13, 2024, I, alongside key executives and stakeholders of the Ogoni Youth Federation embarked on a compassionate journey within our beloved Ogoni communities. Our first stop was at the Royal family of Tigidam in Zaakpon, where Mr. Government Tigidam laid his Uncle to rest. Our hearts were heavy with sympathy as we extended our heartfelt condolences to Naalewii Doctor in Gwaara, mourning the loss of a beloved in-law.

Our journey concluded in Baen community, where the atmosphere shifted to one of celebration as Comrade Victor Akeke the Nyokhana coordinator of Ogoni Youth Federation, exchanged vows in traditional matrimony. This journey not only demonstrated the solidarity within our Ogoni Nation but also showcased the commitment of the Ogoni Youth Federation to support our members in times of both sorrow and joy.

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