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.....Berates Pro-Wike Lawmakers for Denial of APC Membership

The attention of the Rivers State Ethnic Youth Leaders Coalition has been drawn to a viral video where the Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area, Hon. Samuel Nwanosike is seen challenging His Excellency, Sir Siminalayi Fubara KSC, GSSRS, Executive Governor of Rivers State to come push him out of office when his tenure and that of his other prodigal colleagues comes to an end in June 2024. Well, it has become very glaring to Rivers people and Nigerians whom the real troublemakers and crisispreneurs in Rivers State are. 

This video validates rumored information that had filtered the state before now on their plans to ferment trouble in the State to pave way for the declaration of a state of emergency. They have also bragged about their connections with the Presidency and the judiciary, hence making them choose which laws to obey and which not to obey. We hereby use this opportunity  to call on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the Department of State Service, the police and other security agencies to hold Hon. Nwanosike responsible should there be any breakdown of law and order in Ikwerre and Rivers State in general.

We challenge Mr. Nwanosike and his prodigal fellows to remain in office beyond their tenure expirations as Rivers youths will resist and chase them completely from anywhere close to the different Council Secretariats. If Mr. Nwanosike has two heads, let him dare to stay in office beyond his last day. We further advise Mr. Nwanosike's gullible supporters to be weary of the impending trap being set for them by their paymaster and emperor because Rivers people are fully prepared to take their destinies by themselves.

Furthermore, it is very laughable to hear that the 27 Rivers State House of Assembly Lawmakers who openly defected to the All Progressives Congress APC on December 11, 2023 are now denying their membership of the party. To us, we are not surprised at their cheap denial as talking from both sides of the mouth is what runs in their political DNA. We have seen their political father and leader in the state deny so many things he openly said oftentimes. Hence, the reason we are not surprised because, just as goats give birth to goats, lions birth to lions, so also liars and undependable political leaders give birth to offsprings after their kinds. 

Maybe this is one of their numerous mistakes as error making is also a verifiable trait in their DNA. We hereby call on President Tinubu to be careful of this political family around him because one day, they will also come out to say that supporting him was a mistake. Their defection was aired by major media firms including broadcast, prints and electronic media licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission in Nigeria. Mr. President in one of his interviews also said a man who is looking for children will not chase them away when some children come for adoption.

The APC Chairman in the State has also on several occasions accepted and announced their membership of the All Progressives Congress. The question now is, what suddenly changed that are denying their membership of the mandate they publicly sang and swore to stand on? We seriously commend Mr. President who has not given them that opportunity they thought of so as to use the presidency and federal might to ground government activities in Rivers State. Mr. President's neutrality has been to them more of a major setback than they had ever imagined. We also call on Mr. Damagun's led People Democratic Party to stop the hide and seek game and deal squarely with these men's excesses if they don't intend to loose Rivers State.


Engr. Legborsi Yamaabana
Chairman, 2023 PDP House of Reps Aspirants Khana/Gokana Federal Constituency & Chairman, Rivers State Ethnic Youth Leaders Coalition

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