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A lady was asking “why some MEN can’t cut their coat accordingly to their size?

Why can't men just know that Not every woman is made for them,
Listen up LADIES, For you are a graduate and was fortunate to be
widely educated doesn’t mean that any man that comes asking for
your hand in marriage and he is Not educated as you are, isn’t
worth having you,

You ladies better wake up and smell reality...

You were fortunate to be educated, Not every man MUST be
educated as you are, For all it is, your level of education doesn’t
makes you a wife material, its ONLY an additional merit to Civilization.

You have a master degree, he is a business man who has never seen
the four walls of a lecture hall and you say “he is not my type?”
Then who is your type? Or are you saying all the able and capable
business men who are not educated are not husband material?
You can help that man
The lady I had a lengthy conversation with, said that over her dead
body will she marry an illiterate when she is an HND holder.
I guess she is not ready to get married.

All am saying in essence is that your educational level in life
got nothing to do with LOVE, RELATIONSHIP AND MARRIAGE.
Know who loves you make it Work.


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