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I have been aiming to write on this for a very long time but the inspiration didn't come, Thank God, Now I am Inspired !Please pardon my words and explanation, I just wanted to be Real and sincere with us.Why dress to be "sexy and attractive" ? Note: I am not against dressing unique, But I am against dressing to be Sexy !!Why dress to expose your cleavage(The space between a woman's breast,especially the top part which you see if she is wearing a dress with a LOW NECK ) something a man would come and pay for,What a man would cherish is what we expose for every guy we meet,or that sees us.

Every Lady is Entitled to her own dressing, but when it becomes a catalyst that speeds up the sexual urge in men,Remember Guys are not rocks without sense of feelings and If any Guy should fall into sin through your dressing,IT IS A CURSE UPON YOU ! It is strange when Ladies who ought to protect their dignity and endowment are the ones publicizing and advertising to the guys... There should be a Sense of reasoning.. Ask yourself, If my Future Husband sees this,would he be proud of me?
Guys who ought to dress unclad are even the ones who are descent

..Let us analyze; A guy who decides to open his chest button,You either see his chest or his singlet, But a Lady who opens the chest region, You will surely see the cleavage or half portion of the breast. Some ladies even wear shirt,and yet they decide to open the chest just to show what they possess. A guy who sags, u either see it through the drawing trouser or you see his boxers, But a Lady who sags,what do we see? Upper portion of the buttocks or the Pant.

We should know that as Ladies, We have a lot to Protect. It saddens me when I see some Ladies dress as if they have no conscience, or they are so Shameless, And most are from religiously based Families,IMAGINE !!
I Await the day when Ladies involved would Know what shame is, and Know that their dressing portrays how they are treated,kind of friends they make, kind of guys that approach them..

I am not saying Ladies should dress Like masquerades but please let their be moderacy in your dressing. Your sexy dressings has thrown many guys into the pit of fornication, Please save the future Heads of the Family(guys).
GoD Bless

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